Elizabeth Bauer

Elizabeth has been a gifted holistic healer, client advocate and visionary since her journey through healthcare began many years ago. As a registered nurse (RN) and educator in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Elizabeth specialized in critical care medicine before becoming a seeker of scientific truth through research and science. As a holistic client advocate she witnessed a great void in healthcare that continues to expand since the inception of managed care. That void lies between the health and the care in our overburdened healthcare system. Read more

Integrating her advanced knowledge of the human biosystem as a researcher and scientist for the past 13 years; she has been a pioneer in successfully integrating research based complementary medical practices into standard medical settings in the United States. Her many pilots and studies have evaluated various alternative modalities, that augment standard allopathic modalities, in problems such as: patellofemoral pain, quadriceps atrophy, frozen shoulders, arthrofibrosis, joint effusion, ligament injuries, tendon injuries, Dupuytren’s contracture, neuritis, fibromyalgia, perfusion, motor function reeducation, pulmonary disease and many more. Her unique orthopedic subject groups always consisted of people that had failed all previous conventional treatments including NSAIDS, physical therapy, cortisone injections, hyaluronic acid injections, therapeutic ultrasound and even surgery. The results of her many investigations were very positive in objective and subjective improvements as well as functional outcomes even when the pre-investigational statistical odds of ANY improvement were next to nil. Her holistic and caring approach, open mind and intuition combined with knowledge and clinical problem solving skills are the reason for success! Read more

Now, working on the cutting-edge science of applied biophysics, she helps one envision how the real world works in her published papers and presentations. Her current endeavors include very complex physics theories such as how photon-phonon coupling creates the sub atomic blueprint for healthy cells through photon chemistry. “The truths uncovered within photon chemistry are the close connection between sound and light and their action on the energy states of our DNA. The shifting energy states of the photon and phonon are responsible for health or disease.” Her prediction for the future of medical science reflects her knowledge of the biophysics of sound and light and the evolution of this acousticooptical energy in the healing process since ancient times.

“The biotransducer properties of the human body show multiple energy fields from the quantum genome to the quantum mind. As the already substantial evidence continues to evolve, a quantum shift in medicine will occur—allopathic medicine will view acousticooptical therapy as not only an ‘energy vaccine’ but the only sustainable homeodynamic solution.”

Her work continues to be focused towards a working integrated medical science that has evolved through a physics that is beyond quantum. She is well published with her co-author Dr. Anthony Fleming in scientific journals. What they have achieved, together, for the first time in scientific history is to give an internal structure to the photon and the phonon. Providing science with a new form of chemistry called photon chemistry—the chemistry associated with the binding energy within each atom. This internal electromagnetic binding energy can change state altering the chemical structure of atoms and molecules: revealing major implications for in-vivo DNA and the cell cycle.

Elizabeth is also a dynamic and inspirational educator and presenter. Her scientific knowledge not only supports some modern medicines but also explains why energetic medicine has been effective since ancient times. On the cutting edge of applied biophysics for many years, her science gives validity to what the ancients have always known!

Would you like to take a look beyond quantum that shows how sound creates shape from our physical world to our healthy cells in repeatable patterns with no uncertainty? If you have an interest in cutting edge science and would like her to address your conference audience or private group—prepare your senses for the visual cell symphony that resonates the universal harmony within us all! Click here to inquire Email Liz: Liz@elizabethbauerconsults.com